Supporting Association

Board of Directors

  • Edith Eicher Hörler, Co-President, Cultural events E-mail
  • Silvia Schindler Frei, Co-President E-mail
  • Martin Bardenhewer, Finance Department E-mail
  • Esther Nagler, Protocol, support for cultural events E-mail
  • Jürg Wicki-Breitinger, Personnel Department E-mail


Why the supporting association of Quartiertreff Hirslanden is always grateful for new members:

As a member of the association:

  • support the association work of the Quartiertreff
  • enable the Quartiertreff to meet its performance requirements
  • help the neighbourhood to have an important meeting place that is open to everyone
  • contribute to a lively neighbourhood 

Your personal advantages:

  • reduced prices for »room rentals
  • Invitation to the AGM with aperitif
  • Active membership entitles you to a say at the AGM


The annual membership fee is:

CHF 40 Private membership (individual or families)
CHF 100 Collective membership (companies)

As a patron, you determine the amount with which you would like to support the supporting association and become a passive member. 

We would be very pleased to receive your »Application for Membership.